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Mask Aligner: MBT 153

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Welcome to the user guide for the Mask Aligner, a crucial instrument in the field of microfabrication and nanofabrication. Video Equipment Manual: Safety Precautions: Ensure you're wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses, lab coat, and gloves before you begin the process. Photomask and Substrate Preparation: Clean the photomask and substrate thoroughly to remove any particles that might interfere with the process. We show how this should be done in the tutorial video. Loading the Photomask and Substrate: Carefully load your photomask and substrate onto the designated positions on the Mask Aligner. Be careful not to touch or scratch the surface of the mask or substrate. Alignment: Use the alignment microscope to accurately position the photomask and substrate. The video shows the exact steps for aligning the photomask with the substrate. Exposure: Set the exposure time based on your photoresist and process requirements. Once you have configured the settings, initiate the exposure sequence. Monitoring: Observe the system during the exposure process to ensure it operates as expected. Unloading: After the exposure is complete, carefully remove the substrate and photomask from the aligner. Post-Exposure Bake and Develop: Follow your process protocol for post-exposure baking and developing the photoresist to reveal the patterned structures.

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